The Geekflat is my connected home. Some of the technology contained within includes:

  • SmartThings zigbee/zwave home automation hub. This lets me control/sense light switches, my fireplace, outlets, door open/close (including the garage), motion, etc. Some of the more useful functions I have programmed as SmartApps are:
    • Friends need to borrow something when I'm not home? No problem - they can text 'open garage' to a twilio phone number posted outside my garage. If they are a member of the 'GarageAccess' group in my Google Contacts, the garage door will open for them. I am notified as well, of course.
    • A Schlage Connect lock with automations that enable specific codes on specific doors during specific hours. The house cleaner's code will only work when he/she is supposed to be there!
    • Notification of all events when I leave home (using my iphone as my presence detector) - including notification of any lights left on.
  • PlantLink to remind me (via text/email) when to water my plants
  • Ring to let me see who is at the door - and talk to them!
  • "Plenty" of wireless access points and a properly secured network to keep IoT devices in check!
  • A Raspberry Pi and ADS-B antenna receiving aircraft beacons and sending the data to FlightRadar24